Shyla Jennings Videos

We wanted to make this Shyla Jennings videos  update feel more special, and since your favorite horny woman outdid herself again with the volume of her work, well we’re bringing you a 2 in 1 video update. For the first scene here you’ll be able to see lovely miss Jennings get into some lesbian fun with yet another of her friends, and you can watch them go at it in their girl on girl action sex scene for the whole afternoon. Here Shyla demonstrates she has the skills to take care of her friend’s pussy. That’s about it for this one.

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For the second part of the update hot amateur Shyla Jennings finds herself in need to do some self pleasuring as she’s all alone. She picks up a brand new dildo and she’s really eager to try it on and break it if for it’s first usage. So in this second part you’ll get to see the sizzling hot woman fuck her tender pussy with her new toy just for the cameras and you. And with that we’re taking our leave once again guys. Be sure to check this hottie’s other updates too. Until next time everyone!

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Shyla Jennings Video

In this special update we bring you a Shyla Jennings video that will rock your world. The curly haired goddess is back and she’s even naughtier than before. Even though this is her first time shooting a video the super hot woman didn’t let us down, and we’re sure you won’t be left down either. At first she was a bit confused, since she never did this before but soon after she let go of her inhibitions and started doing her usual thing that you all love. Namely taking off her clothes and showing off her amazing body for you.

For this one the name of the game was sexy lingerie and our Shyla Jennings knows her game well as she came fully prepared with her outfit, composed of a set of red and black lingerie with panties and a bra. Well the bra came off quick but you know how she is. The panties were used to tease constantly as poses around the place. Eventually she does take them off complete presenting you with a closer view of her naughty pink pussy. Again stay tuned for more updates next week everyone. See you then. If you wanna see another busty babe massaging her perfect breasts, check out website and have a great time! See you next time!


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Shyla Exposed

For today’s update Shyla Jennings felt a bit nostalgic. She remembered the first time she appeared in front of your screens and she would like to rekindle that memory with a similar shoot today. So she dyed her hair a much darker shade of brown and made it curly again. No thigh high socks this time, as she still wants it to be a bit different. But she’s still nude and showing off her superb body just for you. So wit back , relax, and enjoy watching her do her thing in this update.

So just like in her first update ShylaJennings takes to the same room with the same staircase where she posed. And as you know miss Jennings always aims to improve herself as mush as she can. So you can see her doing what she does best even better this time, as we can safely  say that this update to the first post is far superior. Watch as she poses around nude and sexy for the cameras and you. Like always we hope you enjoyed yourselves again and we’ll see you soon with the next update. Enjoy guys and don’t forget to check out the rest of her galleries too and visit if you wanna take a look at another gorgeous babe and see her playing with herself.



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Shyla Jennings – Hot and Wet

In this week’s update Shyla Jennings takes matters into her own hands literally. She felt bad for abandoning you guys last week so this time she really wanted to make it up to you no matter what. So she set on forward to do a solo shoot all by herself and since you guys loved her update where she fucked herself with her favorite toys, she decided to do that again. Well for this one she actually picked up another toy, a glass dildo actually, that is quite big, and she intends to use it to it’s fullest today. Let’s see what she ahs in mind.

The sensual woman doesn’t take a long time to get undressed and get in the mood like she always does. You can practically see the motivation on her face as she really wants this to be special. So without further due, ShylaJennings is going to show you just how she likes to fuck her tight and eager pussy every time she’s solo. Enjoy seeing her fuck herself and stay tuned like always for more every week. Again we must take our leave, but like we said, we’ll see you next time guys. Bye bye and enjoy! Also you can check out sexy Destiny Dixon‘s personal blog and see another gorgeous babe playing with herself!


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Insane Gallery

Shyla Jennings is absent for this update guys. Well not completely, but still. The lovely and sensual teen lady that enticed your screens thus far decided to take a break for a few days so this week’s shoot didn’t happen. But you don’t have to fret, we have something prepared anyway. She really wanted to take some time off and just relax by the pool at a far away resort, so she booked a plane ticked and off she went. So for this one we’re forced to pull out our ace in the hand and show you something truly awesome.

You see ShylaJennings shoots more than just one session per week so you can pretty much bet we have allot of her to show off. And since she’s gone on her vacation for now, we’re bringing you a mega pack of this luscious woman and her solo sessions just for you. She has all kinds of pictures on here, from self pleasuring to sensual and hot lesbian fuck fests. Again we’re taking our leave but like always you know we’ll be back again next week. Until then stay tuned, you wouldn’t want to miss the next week’s update. Enjoy guys! Cum inside website if you wanna see other super hot babe revealing her perfect body shapes! Bye!

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Shyla Jennings Porn Scene

This week we have a treat for you in our weekly Shyla Jennings porn update. The long haired beauty had a hair style change recently and we say that it just makes her look even sexier anyways. But we digress, for this one she keep hearing about some sort of sex machines and like the curious woman she is and also sex crazy, just like the babes from  videos, simonscans videos, so she decided to hunt one down and see just how good it can please her hungry pussy. Sure enough the little slut got her hands on one such machine and she was all smiles as she couldn’t wait to try it.

As she arrived back at her apartment, she just locked the door and sprinted to the living room where she plugged it in and started it up. She only kept on her blue tank top and her knee high blue socks, and planted herself doggie style to receive that big dildo up her pussy. Watch as lovely ShylaJennings starts to enjoy her thorough and hard style pussy fucking from the sex machine as she moans in pleasure. Oh and for a great ending she orgasms and cums like a fountain. Suffice to say she’s told us she’ll be doing this again soon. Enter the site if you wanna see some slutty lesbian chicks


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Lesbian Encounter

Another week and another Shyla Jennings update. This horny woman seems to not be able to just stay put. She’s always eager to shoot her scenes and eager to have fun with other ladies too. In this scene she takes the leading role in her and her girlfriend’s sex relationship as she puts her brown haired lover on her couch and has her way with her. Like we said before Shyla is always down to have some girl on girl fun and she never disappoints with her galleries of this sort. So let’s watch her performance again ad see how she does.

For a nice start to their sex encounter Shyla Jennings kisses and caresses her friend passionately all the while the latter is moaning in pleasure of feeling Shyla’s hands all over her body and her tiny boobs. She takes her spot on the red couch and spreads her legs wide open to reveal that pink and eager pussy for miss Jennings to have her way with, and that she did because you can pretty much imagine this woman knows how to please a pussy. Without further due, watch as Shayla licks her girlfriend’s pussy in this superb update everyone!


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Shyla Jennings Lesbian Fuck Buddies

Hey guys, we bring you another update today, and this time it’s one hot Shyla Jennings lesbian sex session with your favorite model along with one of her best friends. You see the curly haired brunette gathered some friends while she did her thing thus far and she has quite a selection of lady friends to choose from for her girl on girl action scenes. This time she got around to have this lovely blonde that’s just as creative as she is when it comes to sex. And since the two shared other great scenes, this one would be awesome too.

The scene starts with this stunning blonde, who is as sexy as gorgeous Faith, taking the role of a friends that didn’t visit Shyla Jennings for quite a while and it was time for the two ladies to catch up to their life stories. After talking for a bit the two women start talking about sex and seems like they’re both getting more and more turned on by the minute. Surely enough next thing you know the blondie is laying on her back on the black leather couch with miss Jennings fucking her tight and wet pussy with her pink dildo. Like always we hope you enjoy, and see you next time! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and see some gorgeous lesbian chicks making out!


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Hot and Naughty

Shyla Jennings is slowly making a name for herself as one of the best looking and sexiest teen models in the porn industry to date and she seems to keep up doing her thing even this time. For this update it’s yet again another solo nude shoot but this curly haired brunette always proved that she can do something new every time. For this one she takes the role of a pretty lady that’s looking to buy herself a house so she gets a tour of one. But she then asks the guy to photograph her and things start to get naughty for this woman.

You can pretty much see Shyla Jennings ‘s passion for the camera as she’s always really comfortable with the whole thing and you could say she’s simply in love with the cameras, treating them to some views like she’d have her boyfriend in front of her. So watch her pose around nude in this shoot and don’t forget to stay tuned for more of this curly haired beauty next week. We must take our leave, but not before we’re leaving this with you. We hope you enjoyed yourselves again guys. Bye bye everyone and don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside website. See you soon!


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Shyla Jennings Nude Scene

In this update we have a Shyla Jennings nude session for you guys. The long haired brunette teen is getting very naughty today with her solo masturbation session. She came in to the studio and told us she was feeling rather naughty today and wanted to do something about it. Surprisingly she took out her toys and prepared them for the photo shoot. Not wanting to burst her bubble we let her do her thing and shoot her self pleasuring session instead of a normal nude one. And with everything prepared it was time or the show to start.

As the cameras started to roll Shyla Jennings started to massage her eager body and perky tits slowly and passionately. It’s amazing how this curly haired beauty can turn you on with nothing more than touching herself for a bit. After she’s done arousing herself, she inserts a white dildo all the way up her pussy while using another vibrator on her clit to make herself cum. So without further due, sit back and watch this amazing teen as she fucks herself until she cums. We hope you enjoyed it and see you soon guys. In the meantime, if you want to see another gorgeous internet model pleasing her eager pussy, check out naughty Tory Lane. Bye!

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